Kahoot Smasher – Smash Kahoot quiz in 20 seconds

It’s a funny name for an amazing tool indeed, Kahoot Smasher is a really cool tool once you use it, it’s really fun and instant in delivering the bots. It’s the long waited for Kahoot Hack and it’s only available on this website.

The famous educational quizzing platform Kahoot is a truly cool way to teach almost any school subject. Some student like to take it to the next level, however. That’s why this brilliant tool exists.

For students that used Kahoot bot, it’s almost the same tool but with a few added features that make it even more awesome and fun.

About Kahoot Smasher:

With its added features, Kahoot smasher is indeed a powerful tool, it has the ability to control each bot and keep all actions in the game natural and almost human-like. It can be used to retrieve the right answers and get the top spot every in every game.

One of the coolest features in Kahoot Smasher is the naming feature, you can change names of each bot and fool your friends, the unpredictability makes it even more awesome. All for the fun, no number of bots is too much. The game can only handle a low number of bots and once you exceed that number, it will literally get smashed into the outer space. All, without anyone thinking it’s you.

How does the Kahoot Smasher spam work?

Once the game is flooded with bot sessions, the bots can answer questions for you and get the correct answers. The smasher is the only working Kahoot hack that does without getting blocked or raising suspicion. The bot generator keeps the activity interval spaced to mimic the natural human actions and stay unpredictable by the spam predicting algorithms of Kahoot.

The bots get replaced as soon as their IP is blocked. The tools have hundreds of bots sessions that can join any game in seconds and execute the answering tools. School systems cannot stop it from working and it’s nothing to worry about.

The code behind it

The code behind Kahoot Smasher is really simple, even though it’s clever,  it has already been widely been used in a many other spam tools. The thing that makes it different is the ability to make the fake bots human-like and go undetected by the system.

It’s a little bit different than the Kahoot answers, the Smasher does not require you to enter any passwords or email. All you need is a game PIN and prefix for the bots. Which you can later name individually or choose from one of the available names from the drop list

What do I need to make Kahoot Smasher work?

  • Just like the Kahoot bot, Hack and the Kahoot spammer.
  • You will need a working Kahoot PIN
  • Enter the Game PIN in the Game PIN input
  • Enter the Game prefix Wait a few seconds for the bots to load
  • Click Smash the Game Have fun!
  • The bots are on their way
Kahoot Bot

When to use Kahoot Smasher?

We recommend using it on boring games with friends. Not always recommended to use in class when the subject is important, and the teacher is serious.

If you want to learn more about Kahoot tools, visit KahootBot.org